Dr. Loretta Tolliver

I have worked with leaders in the corporate environment for more than 40 years. My journey has taught me this very important thing, leaders are individuals, directly motivated from within, personally committed to their challenge, and not only willing to do, but aware of what must be done. They just all do it differently. That is where I differ from other coaches. Everything you have is good enough. Your greatness is just a step away, when you see it. Incorporating life healing makes leaders stronger as they connect to what’s already brilliant inside.


Concordia University | Wisconsin & Portland

My higher education journey began at about the age of 45.  It took 12 years to reach my goal of attaining my doctorate.  It is never too late to reach for any goal you have.  Even when they change along the way.

Certified Executive Coach

University of California at Berkeley

Working with leaders as an executive or life coach as well as through leadership consulting helps them to step into untapped realms of greatness.  Leadership is best displayed through individual insights.  I help you open the pathways.

Licensed Heal Your Life Leader

Teaching the work of Louise Hay

The amazing and transformational work of Louise Hay gives healing and purpose to those who are looking for peace.  Life is all that it needs to be when you can see beyond the noise and realize your inner and true beauty.  You are amazing.

My Approach

Where are you now? Great. Where do you want to go? Great. How long do you believe it will take? Great. You realize there is only one answer. You have everything you need. Your desire to mold it is enough.

Heal Your Life

Healing happens when you walk directly into it with the understanding there is a way out. We take the steps necessary to walk at your pace and realize the journey is rich with learnings and realizations. All lead to the growth that fulfills life.

Commitment to Clients

I am here. We talk as needed. Your growth is personal and I work with you to achieve your greatest potential and personal level of confidence.

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